Getting closer to opening day!

Well the concession stand is getting closer, don’t know if everything will be painted for opening weekend, but we’re certainly moving towards it. Only 11 million things to do for the soft opening the first week of July. We are planning our grand opening for the 11th and 12th of July.

The Kart track is coming along. The concrete project is moving along slowly, but we’re doing some other remediation ideas to get us open. For now, the track is a dirt track, it does get dusty, so we’re working on getting some goggles in the concession stand for those that need to purchase some. You will get dirty, but hey, the best fun involves dirt, right?

Once the track is up to snuff, we’ll be starting work on the mini-golf activity. We’re going to hold off on the bouncy houses until we have a more permanent location, as the prep work is rather expensive, and we’re on a waiting list for our order. Once we have a couple houses, we will be doing some off site rentals of units, look for that in the future.

Be sure to check out our facebook page as well. Lots of new stuff happening and as always, have fun!!!

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