Bet you all thought we done disappeared. Nope. It’s been a busy month. We started August by getting some of our racers and trying to get ready to ease back into full speed racing. Sadly Andy had some tire issues, however Zach did great his first time out.

Karen has been whipping up sponsor vinyl like crazy all month, and is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (even managed to do a little side vinyl work and get a lot of painting done!)

Track side we’re finally getting good packs on the track. However, when we run, certain corners (for now) have to be wetted down before anyone runs. This means a 30 minute hold before people can drive the rental karts. Sorry, but if we don’t do this, the track is shot for the rest of the day and bugger to maintain. If you call ahead, we can pre-wet the track and save you time!

Coming up we’re in talks with a sanctioning body to have full scale races. Because of this, and because so far we have had no luck getting more property, we’ll be expanding the track area to allow for the faster cars. Stay tuned as we close in on this goal!

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