End of Season

The end of our first season is approaching. Normally we would run as late as the weather allows, however this year it looks like we’re going to end our season on September 27th.

Basically, we learned a lot this year, mostly that wet tracks are happy tracks. We have looked at various options for getting moisture down efficiently. At the same time we looked at the facility and realized that while it’s an excellent rental kart track, it sucks as a racing facility.

To that end, we’re making the track much larger and spreading it out more. Slightly wider lanes, no more super tight hair pin, and extending back and west on the property. This will allow racing, and also allow us to use a watering truck to spray it down quick. Another major improvement will be the hot pits, and some re-organization of the cold pits.

Some of the work has already started, but we will have to close soon to get much further. If we can get the track roughed before Christmas, a lot of the work will be done for us by the snow.

This year we will NOT be paving the track, and with the way the real estate market is looking, we probably won’t be moving. However, we will be growing and making the facility much much better.

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