Club Racing

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at racing? Now your chance is here, Big Sky Raceway & Amusement Co is gearing up for club racing on Friday Nights.

So just what is club racing. Club racing is a fun way to start racing without TONS of money for equipment and a Kart. We bring the karts, you just need closed toed shoes/boots, long sleeve shirt or jacket, your own helmet (must be SNELL or DOT approved) and $30.

When you sign up, you are put in your first heat. This (and the next three) 5 lap races helps qualify you for the main event. If we have more then 5 people, we will break the heats into A and B groups. You will draw for your kart for that heat. Once everyone has a kart, we’ll give you 2 or 3 laps to get the feel for the vehicle. You grid up and you have 5 laps to make your best effort. There are 3 qualifying heats, each time you draw for your kart. The first draw is by signup order, the next draw is the finishing order of your last heat. The final draw for the main event is by your qualifying order. The #1 qualifier gets to redraw up to 2 times, #2 gets one redraw, and everyone else gets what they get.

So what do you win? Winner gets the pride of being named club champ for the week, posting on FB and this website, and their share of the prize money. All entry fees are divded as follows: 1/2 of the entry fee goes towards rental of the kart. 1/2 goes to the pot. The pot is divided as follows, 1/2 of the original pot goes to first place. The second half is divided 2/3 to second place, and 1/3 to third place.

How old do you need to be? Drivers under 18 must have parental permission. No drivers under 16 are allowed at this time due to insurance reasons.

Driving Rules: All drivers shall avoid bumping or “crashing out” other karts. Drivers will follow the flags, Drivers that jump the gun will be DQ’d. Any driver who is legally intoxicated will be DQ’d and banned from the site for at least 2 races. Poor sportsmanship will also get you booted. This is a fun series, NOT Nascar.

While these are no where near the fastest karts out there, this is a great, inexpensive way to see if racing is for you. It’s also great fun and a wonderful family adventure.