Web Management System

This is the core of the entire timing and management system. Without this, the rest of the system is dead. The WMS stores all information supplied by the other modules, while also feeding information to other modules, such as the Lap Board, Scoreboard Computer, or printers.

A combined hardware/software supplied by us, this device requires little maintenance and upkeep, simply plug in before and after each race, and is also available with a battery-operated version. Each time it is plugged in it will record valuable data, such as lap times, final positions, and is transferred with our partner Kartdatabase.com, where it is kept safe and backed up daily. It can also pull up race signup info, allowing a racer to signup in another state, and arrive at the race in time to pay any fees and setup for the races.

This is it’s own module, so should something not be working properly, and the issue lies in the WMS, a service request may be made, and often repairs can be done by connecting module to the internet and having our technicians log in and repair your unit.